Our Suppliers

Quality Acrylic & Plastic

Clear Design chooses to work with the highest quality acrylic and plastic sheet manufacturers.
We source from local and international factories that have a strong history for quality and
innovation that support creative thinking in support of and create an opportunity for our client’s

Sourcing Materials

Our responsible approach in sourcing materials equals to our workshops process and
technicians in working with acrylic and other plastics with over 25 years manufacturing


Our responsible approach to recycling and regeneration of material used by our workshop help
in reducing our carbon footprint and effect to the environment.

Plexiglas - Green Cast - Perspex

All three brands of acrylic used by Clear Design are 100% recyclable.
Clear Design introduced Green cast acrylic, imported from Italy which has further increase our
responsible approach to the environment and increased our quality of product to a new high.
All acrylic materials used by Clear Design are non-toxic and are food grade.