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We aim to achieve the highest quality image definition in all creative displays , point of sale, interior décor panels, exhibition & shop fitting advertisement signage and graphics. In addition to product manufacturing Clear Design’s Large Format digital printing machines also provide a Print only service for our clients. UV inks allow for printing on a wide range of materials and sub straights such as Acrylic, Plastics, Aluminium composites, Wood, Glass, Paper and vinyl. Clear Design uses environmentally friendly inks which which meet the Greenguard enviromental certification GOLD standard. GREENGUARD is the program for environmental certification of chemical emissions in indoor spaces by UL LLC of third party institution of safety science in the United States. The certification is available at the levels of ‘Standard’ and ‘Gold’. The Gold offers more strict certification criteria than the Standard. These inks have numerous environmental advantages. See below further detail on our Machinery, Inks and the wide of materials we are able to print on.

Acrylic Printing

Make a colour splash! With our custom acrylic printing capabilities your options are endless. We print in CMYK of which there are 4 base colors, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Within these there are 100 steps in each color, if you multiply these numbers there are more than 10 million color possibilities! We can print your artwork or photo direct to any acrylic panel up to 45 mm thick. Clear Design operates two large area flat bed printers. Both machines use 3M flexible inks which are ideal for printing on acrylic sheeting and panels. Sun light has no effect on the ink colours which remain stable and do not fade over time. Maximum print size is: 2700mm x 1500mm. We can also print on numerous other materials including multiple papers, glass, mdf wood and many more (see below for the full list). Click here to check our print requirements.

Our Machinery

High precision printing up to 1200 dpi, legibility at 3-point text
No media deformation, no drying time, no warmup time
Maximum speed of 23.6 m2/h with post-curing unit
Maximum print area including post curing 1600mm x 2700mm
Direct printing on media up to 40mm thick
Flexible UV inks, including white – increasing media compatibility
Environmentally friendly printing technology
More vivid images with white ink underprint
Multi-layered print provides Haptic effects

Our Inks

Advantages of Environmentally friendly inks:

Low VOC ink and ozone-free led-uv light
The color components of the ink are directly cured and adhered to the media or substrate by UV radiation, and the ink emits very low levels of VOC (volatile organic carbon). The LED (light-emitting diode) light does not radiate short wavelengths that generate ozone. Use of Mimaki UV-curable ink demonstrates consciousness about the environment and the health of users.

Energy saving and long life
The power consumption and heat generation of LED lights are remarkably lower than those of metal halide lamps. In addition to energy and cost saving, the long-life LED light reduces lamp wastage because of replacements.

High media compatibility with low heat generation
Thanks to the low heat generation of LED–UV light, Mimaki UV ink is capable of printing vibrant and beautiful colors on heat-sensitive materials, such as acrylic board, PVC, PET, etc

High speed printing
High-speed printing at 60 m2/h with vibrant and fine print results is achieved. We have been developing inks and printers for years, and hence have been able to focus our technologies for obtaining the best results from both. With the current rise of desire for environmentally-minded products by consumers, the interest of the “value of environment” is growing.

Materials We Can Print On

Multiple papers up to 40mm thickness
Extruded acrylic (XT & Resist)
Cast acrylic (Perspex, Plexiglas, Green cast)
PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol)
ABS & PST (high impact Polystyrene)
Rowmark (engravable plastics)
Forescolour (composite wood)
MDF (Medium-density fibreboard

Plywood (wood veneer)
Die Bond (Aluminium composite)
Chroma deck (coating metal sheet)
Self-adhesive Vinyl
Modelling cardboard
Foam rubber

Project Showcase

Photo Blocks
Printed Flower
Printing on Aluminium
Hanging Perspex Light Boxes

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