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Quality Acrylic Podiums

Award-winning designs backed by 25 years of quality acrylic fabrication. Clear Design’s Podiums are well known and widely used across Southern Africa. Each podium representing quality manufacturing product and creative designs. Our Podium designs are creatively inspired and are of the highest quality. Our approach to Podium design supports a wide range of options including simple podium designs and more complex podium designs each setting a high standard of appeal.

Our range of podiums are perfect for:

  • Special staging events
  • Exhibitions
  • Trade shows
  • Hotel conferences
  • Corporate and government announcements including;
  • Schools, TV presentations, sporting clubs and church organizations.

We use only the highest quality acrylic materials imported from Italy for our Podium manufacturing. During the manufacturing process, the branding of all podiums is with UV digital ink printing to achieve high-quality images and logos prints adding greater value to our client podium presentations and brand awareness.

All Podiums are supplied with a free drop over dust cover and washing soap.