Table Talkers

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Most table talkers are two-sided, with some being three- or four-sided acting as a centrepiece. The table talker helps to protect the inserted advertisement as holders are handled by the public. Table talkers are a low-cost option to increase product awareness and sales, as well as adding value to a brand and company identity.

Table Talker Uses

Used mostly in the food and beverage industry, table talkers or menu holders are commonplace in restaurants and fast food outlets.
Perfect for display at serving counters, bars, coffee shops, hotels and restaurants. Night Clubs and Events Venues benefit from brand awareness and allows the ability to advertise special offers and services.
Exhibitions, Trade Shows and Food Fairs use menu holders to advertise to a larger audience. We only use high-quality food-safe materials that supports everything from the simplest design to a more complex table talker. Customising is available on request. Branding the table talker with a company name or logo is done by printing directly on the materials during the manufacturing process.

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