WE SPECIALIZE IN PRINTING LASER & ROUTER CUTTING DIAMOND EDGE POLISHING bespoke fabrication WE OFFER: SERVICES EXTRA Advanced technology Skilled workforce Over 1000 square meters

with excellence from start to finish

We design for quality! Our workshop is equipped with specialised equipment to manufacture innovative products and provide extra services supporting a wide range of industries. We have the experience and expertise to provide a full package solution. Below is the overview of our workshop process.

Bending | Thermo forming | Line bending

Clear Design operate a range of Line Bending equipment that allows for high levels of flexibility. We can create straight line bends in many thermoplastic materials including:

PMMA (cast & extruded acrylic), PC (polycarbonate), PS (polystyrene), PETG (polyester) & PVC (polyvinyl chloride) etc

Clear Design can Line Bend material ranging in thickness from 0.5mm up to 25mm with high quality results meeting our clients’ needs.

Bending | Thermo forming | Oven

Our Thermo Forming machinery includes a range of ovens that allow fine temperature control for heating materials to the ultimate soft state. We are able to bend large area panels and create shapes using a variety of molding options such as press molding and drape molding.

Bonding | One component Solvent glue joining

Clear Design is specialized in the adhesion of acrylic and other plastics. Our work is recognized by the high quality we deliver and our attention to detail. Working with water-thin Solvent glues allow for quick turnaround time for projects in our assembly department.

Bonding | UV Light curing glues

Our workshop is highly experienced in working with thicker acrylics. We use UV light technologies and adhesive glues to deliver perfect bubble-free panel joins.

Drilling holes

Hand process and CNC router and Laser cutting options are available, depending on the task and materials. Our hand process uses special acrylic drill bits with a drill press when drilling holes in flat panels and blocks.

Diamond Polishing

Diamond Polishing is a machine process that uses specialized equipment; a diamond bit skims off a small amount of the surface edging delivering a
perfect stress-free edge. When acrylic is laser cut the edges are automatically polished.

Hand Polishing

Hand Polishing is a manual process that uses a large buff wheel and acrylic soap to polish blocks and cutout shapes. Light refracts when it passes through a denser material allowing the buff-polished edges to come to life

Flame Polishing

Flame polishing equipment is used to produce a small chemical-free flame that melts the acrylic edge, leaving a shiny finish. Laser cutting of acrylic has mostly replaced the need to flame polish edges.


A flat bed table saw is used to cut square panels of varying thickness and materials to the required size


A flatbed CNC Router is used to cut, shape, groove or engrave:

Plywood, Forescolor, MDF, Acrylic, ABS, Polycarbonate

Engineering plastics including Die-bond composite board can all be cut to shape using our flat bed CNC machines. Our dedicated cutting department can cut up to 100mm in material thickness.


Cutting up to 30mm acrylic thickness, laser-cutting leaves a clean edge that does not require further polishing. Greater design details are now achieved using laser-cut technology.


Using 3M flexible waterproof UV Inks, our flatbed printer process can print on materials up to 40mm in thickness. Printing allows the change of clear acrylic into colour. Printing full colour and white -Add decorative artwork, logo and signage messages to your project.

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl print and cutting vinyl is available for short term project use


Clear Design’s material warehouse keeps stock of standard acrylic sheeting, keeping stocks of clear ,colours and textures acrylic material minimizers delays were possible.


We ship to both local and international destinations. Clear Design Acrylics’s logistics team excel at meeting our clients’ delivery requirements and expectations.


Clear Design recycles 100% of all acrylic, plastic and wood wasted from our manufacturing process. We also recycle all paper wasted that is shredded and or used in product packaging.

Clear Design Acrylics’s reputation for capability and quality acrylic product manufacturing is respected in the industry supporting client needs all starts with a quality workshop. With a well-equipped workshop of over 1500 square meters using up to date equipment and innovative fabrication, thermo & vacuum forming, cutting and printing process, Clear Design Acrylics’s workshop staff work in a healthy environment that encourages personal and team work to maximise production capabilities to meet client expectations for quality products with minimal manufacturing delays.
Clear Design Acrylics’s workshop uses the Computer added Router and Laser cutting machines as well as digital flatbed printers, for cutting, shaping and printing orders with the ease of client’s display product development and on-going product manufacturing requirements. Clear Design Acrylic produces the same product each time to a high standard with over 20-year specialising in acrylic display. Clear Design Acrylic’s reputation for solid business fundamentals and commitment to our clients display requirements is well known in the retail industry. 
Clear Design Acrylic is the leading company in South Africa that offers the flexibility for high quality plastic fabrication and unique digital printing service to meet clients display needs in Africa. Clear Design Acrylics’s on-line product catalogue offer affordable display options for a wide range of uses allowing client to easily resolve there display and store fitting needs. Inspiring client to choose to order quality displays is what Clear Design is all about. No matter what the budget is Clear Design Acrylic has the reputation in helping a wide range of industries with acrylic products and point of sale options. Clear Design Thermo forming department has the capability to oven shape acrylic for a wide range of uses such as aquarium & fish tanks, furniture, artwork decor and design projects, boat screens & swimming pool windows and signage.
Clear Design Acrylic offers additional services over and above just acrylic and plastic product manufacturing. Clear Design Acrylic offers CNC router cutting, Laser engraving and cutting, Diamond edge polishing, line bending, thermo & vacuum forming and digital flatbed UV printing and Roll to Roll vinyl print and cutting services This allows Clear Design Acrylic to work and print onto a wide range of materials. Cutting Perspex, Plexiglas, Green cast acrylic, ABS, Hips Plastics, PVC foam, PETG, Coroplast sheeting, Die Bond aluminum composite sheeting, Forescolor MDF and Plywood options including printing directly on to glass panels. Clear Design sets the standard for quality and capability for acrylic (PMMA) flat sheet fabrication and digital printing in Africa.